Residential Remodeling

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Things to Consider When Considering a Remodel

Are you hoping to just refresh a layout that works well, or you do you want to start over with a new floorplan? Do you know of any problems in the soffits or walls that will need special attention? Have you pretty much decided what colors and materials you want, or do you want our input on the design? We can help you plan your way to success!

Kitchen Remodel

Most real estate agents agree that your kitchen is the most important room in the house. As you renovate the kitchen, decide if you want something totally new, including the layout, or if you only want to add new elements like counters and cabinets to the same floorplan. Stone Custom Construction will make sure that your new kitchen looks great and flows better than the old one.

Kitchen Remodel Part 2

  • Improves Functionality: As you renovate the kitchen, you either make some additions or reductions, but all the renovations aim at improving the overall function of the kitchen
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Improves Sustainability
  • Up-To-Date Look
  • Improved Comfort & Safety

Before & After